Our Pricing Philosophy

Simply Clean does not seek to underbid its competitors to win business for the short term. We're in the business of building long-term relationships with customers who want quality service today, tomorrow and the years to come. We pride ourselves on, not only providing our clients with the best quality workmanship but also on providing a pleasant window cleaning or pressure washing experience. We are proud to provide a service here in Central Kentucky that our customers truly value and want. While we may not always be the least expensive provider, we can guarantee a fair price for excellent service. In fact, our business model is based on earning our customers' repeat business and we've done that with the thousands of homes and businesses we've done over the past 25 years.

Residential & Commercial Estimates

For some residential jobs we can provide a ballpark estimate over the phone, also through texting or emailing pictures of your residence, or you can get a rough idea on your own with our price list below and how to count the windows you have. We would highly recommend though, getting a hassle-free, no-cost, no obligation estimate. We can do this by coming out to your property and getting a good look at your home so we can give you a firm price on what it will take to complete the work. At that time, we also will go over with you the homeowner what we will do and how we will do it, so you will know exactly what is going on.


For commercial jobs, as a business owner it's easy to ignore grime, dirt and streaks when you work in the same office every day, but this oversight could cost your business. We understand with so many tasks on your to-do list, you don't have time to worry about the appearance of your windows or caring for your pressure washing needs, but the cleanliness of your business can be vital to your business' image. Our commercial services include businesses such as: Store fronts, Office buildings, Schools, Hospitals, Auto dealerships and Restaurants to name a few. We would highly recommend though, getting a hassle-free, no-cost, no obligation estimate.


*Requesting an estimate using photos - Follow these easy steps below:

1. Use your smart phone or digital camera to take four photos of your house. Try to square up your home with a front side, back side, left side and right side picture of your home or any surfaces you wanted cleaned. Be it window cleaning or pressure washing.


2. Text/Email these pictures to 859-806-6122 or email at 


3. We will text you or email you a written estimate within 24 hours for the cost of our services.

*Note: this is an estimate and may need to be adjusted for obstacles not shown in the pictures.


4.  After you get the written estimate, you can call, text or email for an appointment to have us come out and care for your cleaning needs. Just that easy!!!

Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning Pricing

We price residential & commercial projects on a per-window basis. Oversized windows and windows on the second story of your home or business could possibly be more expensive to clean than moderately sized first floor windows. Depending upon which services you would like us to perform, our per-window price will include both exterior and interior cleaning of the window, also the cleaning of the window sill/ledge (vacuuming the track if necessary). If you have storm windows, it would include: removing the storm windows, cleaning both sides of the storms and the stationary windows, installing the storms back and then wiping or vacuuming the window sills out. We charge an additional fee for cleaning window screens if you choose to do that, we offer two methods: we can dry brush the screen or we can wash the screen with our specialized screen washer. These prices below are a ballpark price for you to go on, it's best though for us to come out and see exactly what your true cost will be. Of course there may be "other types" of windows to be cleaned that might not be on this list, but rest assure, we clean all types of windows and glass, of all shapes and sizes.


Double/Single Hung Windows - Top & Bottom, Inside & Out - $8.00 - $12.00 depending on size and location.

Storm Windows - Top & Bottom, including the storms, Inside & out - Starting at $40.00 and up, depending on the size, condition and type of storm window, not to mention the location it is in.

Doors - Inside & Out - Starting at $5.00 and up, depending on the type of door, as French-Pane doors can cost more because the glass is divided.

French-Pane Windows - Inside & Out - $1.40 per pane and up, depending on the size of pane.

Picture/Bay/Geometric Windows - Inside & Out - $10.00 - $20.00, depending on size and location.

Casement Windows - Inside & Out - $6.00 - $10.00 depending on the size and location of the window.

Transom Windows - Inside & Out - Starting at $3.00 and up, depending on the size and location.

Solar Panels - Clean off debris and wash the solar panel - Starting at $8.00 and up, depending on size, access and location of the panels.

Skylights - Inside & Out - Starting at $15.00 and up, depending on the size and location of the skylight.

Mirrors - Starting at $4.00 and up, depending on size and type of mirror.

Screen Cleaning - Dry Brush or Wash with Water - $2.00 - $4.00, depending on the size of screen, some have their door screens cleaned too. * See Equipment section of this website for more details.

Window Sill/Track Cleaning - $0.00 - No charge, comes with standard window cleaning.

Window/Glass Restoration - Removal of stains or hard water from the window - Starting at $15.00 per panel.

Screen Repair - rescreening window screens starting at $15.00, screened patio doors starting at $50.00.

Ceiling Fans Cleaned - Starting at $15.00 per fan, depending on the location and size.

High Dusting (Cobwebs) - Prices can fluctuate, we can quote this when we come to clean your windows.

Tint Removal - *We would need to come out and give you an estimate.

Store Front Windows - Starting at $3.00 and goes up depending on size and location of the windows, this is for cleaning inside & out.

Store Front Doors - Starting at $2.00 for cleaning inside & out.


* Additional fee for construction window cleaning or hard water deposit removal, if you choose to have that        done. These services take more time then the "normal standard window cleaning".

* Additional fee if there are grids or mullions that need to be removed and put back. - (.75 - 1.00 per grate)

* We do have a $125.00 minimum on all our services.(Meaning we have to do at least $125.00 worth of work)

These pictures below might help with your window count, of course this doesn't cover all windows, but it will get you a basic count of windows needing to be cleaned. We have no problem coming out to your residence though to give you a free written estimate. 

* French pane, you will need to count each pane in that section of window to get a total window count.

Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing Pricing

Low Pressure House Wash - Starting at $199.00 and goes up depending on the size & material to be cleaned.

Concrete Driveways - Starting at $89.00 - (2 car driveway), $129.00 (four car driveway) with house wash.

Sidewalks/Pavers - Starting at $49.00 and goes up depending on the size of the area to be cleaned.

Gutters - Outside gutter cleaning comes with the standard house wash price. If you want just gutters and soffits cleaned (No House Wash), we will quote accordingly.

Decking - Starting at $189.00 and goes up depending on the size and material to be cleaned.

Fencing - Starting at $179.00 and goes up depending on the length and material to be cleaned.

Outdoor Furniture - It will vary, depending on the material or make and how soiled the furniture is.


Commercial Flat Surfaces - Starting at .15 cents a square foot and goes up depending on how dirty the surfaces are, if there's oil, organic matter, stains or gum that would need to be removed with hot water pressure washing. 

Vertical Building Surfaces - Starting at .20 cents a square foot, the price will depend on the material to be cleaned and the condition of the surfaces.

Fleet Vehicle Washing - Give us a call to setup a free in-person estimate.

Equipment Washing - Give us a call to setup a free in-person estimate.


* We do have a $200.00 minimum on all our services.(Meaning we have to do at least $200.00 worth of work)



Here’s What You Can Expect On The Day Of The Service


  • You will receive a phone call/text message when we are in route.
  • Please close all your doors and windows, move vehicles out of driveway.
  • A knock on your door to go over the service and do a walk around of the property before we begin to answer any questions.
  • If you can’t be home no problem, we can still handle the cleaning with ease.
  • You will receive a follow up email or call in 48 hours to make sure everything looks amazing.



Customer Referral Program

Simply Clean has a Referral Program that can benefit you on your future services with us, if you so choose. How it works is, when you refer someone to Simply Clean and they book an appointment to have a service provided by us, you earn a $20.00 credit that goes towards future services. You can use these credits at any time or you can save them up for a future service. The more you refer, the less you pay, a win-win for all and there is no limit to how many people you can refer and the credits you earn. This is our way of saying thanks for the business you've sent our way. We truly do appreciate it!!! 

* On every job, we have someone who is certified BLS - (Basic Life Support) and has experience in First Aid. Hopefully this will never be needed, but it's good to know it's available if an emergency arises. 

* As a reminder, starting July 1, 2018, the State of Kentucky (HB487) will be taxing (6%) to certain services. Janitorial, Pressure Washing & Window cleaning are apart of those new services being taxed, so we will have to add and collect that 6%, according to the new laws. Thank You for your understanding.