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Before and After Soft Washing

Before & After - Roof Wash!

House Wash

We safely remove unwelcome dirt, mildew, algae or any other organic matter off your home. We use a "soft wash" or low pressure cleaning system, so we don't harm your property. This method of cleaning is the gold standard in the pressure washing industry. Simply Clean always uses the most up to date equipment and procedures to provide awesome results for you our customer.

Flat Surfaces

Restore your concrete or other flat surfaces to their original look! We use hot water, high pressure and minimal chemicals to remove those stubborn stains from your surfaces. We can treat all types of flat surfaces from: concrete, brick, rock, aggregate, pavers and many more. About anything flat, we can clean safely and effectively.

Decking & Fencing

We can safely clean your wood or composite decking and fencing. We remove all built-up dirt, mildew, algae and any other organic matter with a warm low pressure wash, so as not to harm any of these surfaces. We also use specialized chemicals safe to use on wood, as you have to be careful not to damage the fibers in the wood, which different chemicals can and will do.

Pressure Washing & Soft Washing Done Right!

Over time, outdoor elements deteriorate your home or business. Because buildings are exposed to the outdoor elements, there is a lot of grime, dirt, mildew, mold, algae and bacteria that gets trapped on your surfaces, be it a home or business. These elements can be dangerous and are growing on your property as you read this! Even if you can't see it, it's growing. This can cause allergies and other health problems, even dangerous to your pets. Most homeowners don't know it but the exterior of your home has tens of thousands of microscopic spores of fungus per square inch. So pressure/soft washing not only makes your property look better but it has health benefits too. Here at Simply Clean we want to remove all unwanted dirt, grime and bacteria from your property in a safe and effective way.


Simply Clean is a professional and experienced exterior cleaning company. We utilize many different techniques to clean various types of surfaces. We also specialize in chemical application at low pressure followed by a high volume low pressure rinse. This is usually referred to as "soft washing". These techniques allow us to safely clean from the ground and rarely need the use of ladders. 


Our truck is equipped with the tools needed to get the job done right! Our equipment is capable of producing cold or hot water up to 250 degrees and we can adjust water pressure from 100 PSI up to over 3500 PSI. We also posses electric low pressure equipment, this is used for roof cleaning and aids in chemical applications. This professional equipment allows us to clean many types of surfaces from as delicate as shingles/wood to robust high strength concrete. The chemicals we use are second to none, these chemicals were developed just for the pressure/soft washing industry, they are safe, biodegradable and effective to use on all types of surfaces. *See chemicals/forms page of this website for more info.

Professional Residential & Commercial Pressure or Soft Washing Prices

Low Pressure House Wash (Soft Wash) *Included with a house wash is: all siding, soffits, facia, window trim, gutters & downspouts. We clean vinyl siding, brick, block, stone, hardie board, stucco, wood and about any other exterior material. *The prices you see below are our estimated cost for our house washing services. Structures like covered porches, stoops, lanais, brick skirting, detached garages and porch railings can be an additional fee, depending on the scope of work.


0,000-2,000 Square Feet - $299.00    2,500-3,000 Square Feet - $399.00     3,500-4,000 Square Feet - $499.00

2,000-2,500 Square Feet - $349.00    3,000-3,500 Square Feet - $449.00     Over 4,000 Square Feet - Call


High Pressure Washing - Concrete Driveway (Hot Water) - Starting at $149.00 and goes up depending on the size of the driveway. *This is an add-on service if not large enough or the minimum pull-up fee.

High Pressure Washing - Sidewalks/Pavers/Walkways -Starting at $59.00 and goes up depending on the size of the area to be cleaned.

*This is an add-on service if not large enough or the minimum pull-up fee.

Gutter Clean-Out - Starting at $199.00 for a one-story ranch home, Starting at $249.00 for a two-story home and goes up depending on the length of gutters or size of the house you have. *We Do Not Service Three-Story House Gutters*

Stain Removal Including - Rust, Calcite, Hard Water, Copper, Oxide, Iron, Pollution, All Minerals - Starting at $75.00 when added to pressure washing services and goes up, depending on the stain and the area to be treated.

Low Pressure Deck Cleaning - Starting at $299.00 and goes up depending on the size and material to be cleaned.

Low Pressure Fence Cleaning - Starting at $299.00 and goes up depending on the length and material to be cleaned.

Low Pressure Roof Cleaning - Starting at $599.00 and goes up depending on the size and material we're cleaning. *WE ONLY clean ranch style or one-story roofs. 


Commercial/Residential Concrete Cleaning - Our power washing prices start at .25 cents a square foot and goes up, depending on how much area to be cleaned, how dirty the surfaces are or if there's oil, organic matter, stains, gum that would need to be removed with hot water pressure washing and specialized detergents or cleaners. 

Pressure Wash Vertical Building - Starting at .15 cents a square foot, the price will depend on the material to be cleaned and the condition of the surfaces. We remove mold, mildew, dirt and all other organic matter. 


* We do have a $299.00 MINIMUM on all our pressure washing services here locally in Lexington. The cost outside of Lexington will be more depending on where you live and the distance to travel. 

We Provide The Following Services For:

Residential low pressure washing in Midway, Kentucky


We understand the importance of keeping the exterior of your home looking good and spotless. We provide exterior washing of vinyl, brick, stucco, wood, composite wood, hardie board, concrete block and most other types of surfaces on your home. We will remove algae, dirt stains, grime and bacteria from your homes exterior. Simply Clean will do this in a SAFE and EFFECTIVE way! We use very low pressure called soft washing so as not to damage your substrates. Let your house be our next job, you'll be amazed when your house looks new again!

Commercial pressure washing in Lexington, Kentucky


We can handle most commercial accounts. Whether it's a small business storefront, a heavily traveled sidewalk, a greasy garage floor, or just a large surface to be cleaned. We have the equipment and knowledge to give your business that clean professional look. We will provide dependable, efficient and through pressure washing tailored to fit your project and time frame.

Here Are Some More Examples Of Places We Can Clean

- Office Buildings - Complexes


- Senior Living Complexes


- Strip Malls - Shopping Centers


- Gas Stations


- Restaurants - Fast Food


- HOA Communities 


- Sanitize Playgrounds 


- Hotels

- Parking Lots - Parking Garage Facilities


- Condominiums


- Industrial Facilities


- Government Facilities


- Educational Facilities


- Apartment Complexes


- Hospitals - Clinics


- Park Restrooms

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Some Things To Keep In Mind

New Concrete

New Concrete: (less than 2 years old) We do not clean new concrete with a surface cleaner under high pressure. We will chemically treat the concrete with a cleaner and just low pressure rinse the concrete, no high pressure washing.


Vines on Siding

Excessive Vine Growth: Pressure washing will not remove vines on your siding or any brick surfaces. 



Chalky Siding: Your siding is more than likely oxidized, at least to some degree. After it is cleaned it will be free of dirt, organic matter and contaminants, but the oxidation will still be present. We do not remove oxidation.


Wood Decks & Fences

Wood Cleaning: We use low pressure to wash wood decks, porches and fences, but we do not strip wood decks or fences to prep them for stain.


Artillery Fungus

Artillery Fungus: or shotgun fungus, is a wood-decay fungus that likes to live on moist landscape mulch. The worst thing about this fungus is that it shoots spores up to 20 feet, which often land on siding, cars and anything else that surrounds the mulch. This fungus is hard if not impossible to remove from vinyl, you can lighten it but not totally remove it. It will come off windows with a specialized stainless steel window scrapper. Best way to deal with it is, don't put mulch around your house, if possible. 



Motor Oil & Grill Grease: Oil stains on driveways and garage floors are common. We will clean your concrete driveway but if you have an oil stain, it might not totally clean up. Pressure washing isn’t a quick fix for oil stains. We do not clean just areas where oil stains are, but we will clean your whole driveway, it may make the oil stained area look better or lighter, but there are no guarantees it will completely remove all the oil stains. 

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