Window Cleaning Products We Use :

Below are some of the products we use in our window cleaning service. If you would like to know more about these products, just download the pdf and you will find more information on that product. 

A-1 Hardwater Stain Remover
This is commonly used when there is a buildup of hard water on the window, it can be used for other types of staining too.
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Glass Gleam 4 - Window Cleaning Concentrate - "The Professional's Choice"
This is used with a mixture of water in our buckets to clean windows. This is the main chemical we use in our solution for cleaning windows, it's a great product.
glass gleam 4 features.pdf
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Oil-Flo 141 - Safety Solvent Cleaner
This product is used to quickly dissolve oil, grease, wax, resin, creosote, tree sap or other difficult material on the window.
oilflo 141-features.pdf
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Cement-Off Concrete Disolver
This product is used to safely remove cement, stucco and grout from windows. It will dissolve the concrete on the windows and allow for the debris to safely be removed from the window without scratches.
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Glass Gleam-Glide Concentrated Glide Additive
This is used sometimes in our cleaning solution to allow the squeegee to glide across the glass easier. It's very helpful if you're working in the direct sun.
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Cleanup Solvent - 22
This product is used at times for removal of a wide range of tuff spots such as adhesives, oils, grease, crayons, wax and tree sap. It is biodegradable and has a toxicity rating of zero.
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Glass Gleam-3 Window Cleaning Super Concentrate "It's Not Soap, It's Science"
This is a super concentrated window cleaning chemical. It is the solution that we apply to the window and squeegee off. You just add a couple of teaspoons to a bucket of water and go at it, a little goes along way.
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Safety Data Sheets - Window Cleaning :

These are the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for the products we list below. This is required by the US government. It shows the toxicity of the product and what to do in an "emergency" situation. We have been using these products for years and they a very safe to use, we have never had a issue with them. We love these products and the maker, Titan Laboratories.

SDS - A-1 Stain Remover
msds_A-1 Stain Remover.pdf
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SDS - Glass Gleam 4 - Window Cleaning Concentrate
msds_glass gleam 4.pdf
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SDS - Oil-Flo-141
msds -Oil-Flo-141-SDS-1.pdf
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SDS - Cement-Off Concrete Disolver
msds - Cement-Off-Concrete-Dissolver-SDS
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SDS - Glass Gleam - Glide Concentrated Glide Additive
msds -Glass-Gleam-Glide-SDS.pdf
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SDS - Cleanup Solevent - 22
msds -Cleanup-Solvent-22-SDS.pdf
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SDS - Glass Gleam -3 Window Cleaning Super Concentrate
msds -Glass-Gleam-3-SDS.pdf
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Pressure Washing Products We Use & SDS :

SDS - Elemonator
Elemonator is a liquid house wash and multipurpose cleaner that not only is bleach stable but also boosts the alkalinity of bleach. It has great foaming and rinsing properties and the strong lemon scent does a great job of cleaning.
MSDS - Elemonator.pdf
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SDS - Cling-On
Cling-On is a proprietary blend of surfactants and dispersing agents that will not only thicken your mix it will also disperse your mix more evenly across the surface. Cling-on is also designed to rinse as well as it sticks.
MSDS - Cling-On.pdf
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SDS - F-13 Gutter Grenade
The black streaks in gutters are in the oxidation layer of the paint. F-13 removes the oxidation and in turn removing the streaks and unlike butyl-based products that when diluted with water lose their strength rapidly, F-13 is effective at dilution ratios of 50-1. F-13 can be used safely at dilution ratios as low as 5-1. 20-1 dilution normally removes the oxidation with light agitation, making F-13 very economical to use. F-13 works best in temperatures above 60 degrees.
MSDS - F-13 Gutter Grenade.pdf
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SDS - F-8 Ox Brite
Use F-8 to neutralize & brighten wood after the use of alkaline based strippers & cleaners. It can also be used to remove mild rust stains from concrete, vinyl siding and others surfaces caused by irrigation.
MSDS - F-8 Ox-Brite.pdf
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SDS - F-10 Percarbonate Cleaner
F-10 is a percarbonate wood cleaner that safely cleans wood to remove UV damaged wood fibers and restore wood to is natural color.
MSDS - F-10 Percarbonate Cleaner.pdf
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SDS - F-18 Max
The original F-18 Max works well to remove oil based sealers with the least amount furring and darkening of wood. Also works great on concrete!
MSDS - F-18 Max.pdf
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SDS - Simple Cherry Multi-Purpose Mild Cleaner
Simple Cherry is a multi-surface cleaning product that is safe, effective and simple to use! Simple Cherry uses a proprietary blend of surfactants and water softening agents make it rinse easily without harsh side affects on glass and painted surfaces. Simple Cherry is infused with a strong cherry fragrance. Simple Cherry is safe to use on most surfaces including painted surfaces, vinyl, aluminum, awnings, wood, & more.
MSDS - Simpe Cherry Multi-Purpose Mild C
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SDS - Sodium Hypochlorite
This is essentially bleach but stronger than household bleach, sodium hypochlorite is the chemical name. This is used to kill and remove mildew, mold and algae from surfaces. This is used in safe amounts for you and the environment.
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SDS - Mean Green Degreaser - Super Strength Cleaner
This is an All-Purpose degreaser we use at times on driveways, where oil can build up over time. Can be used for other types of oil based stains too.
MSDS - Mean Green Degreaser - Super Stre
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SDS - OneRestore Stain Remover
This is used on different types of staining on many surfaces from: limestone, cladding, vinyl, block, wood, uncoated stainless steel, glass, aluminum, cast stone, terra cotta, brick, unpolished stone and many painted surfaces.
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SDS - F9 Barc
This is a specialized chemical for the pressure washing industry. It removes most concrete rust, fertilizer staining and orange battery stains. This product can be used on: concrete, bricks, pavers, tile, stone, stucco, asphalt, vinyl, siding, shingles, rubber and more.
FRONT 9 BARC SDS GHS 2018 2.pdf
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SDS - F9 Double Eagle
This chemical is used in the pressure washing industry to remove: oil, hydrocarbon, food stains, tire-marks, and other surface accumulations. It can be used on many types of surfaces including: concrete, brick, pavers, tile, stone, grout masonry hard surfaces and most surfaces in general. Also can be used as a neutralizer when diluted down.
SDS Double Eagle 3.pdf
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SDS - F9 Efflorescence & Calcium Remover
This chemical quickly removes efflorescence, calcium, calcium carbonate, and hard water stains. It is used on many surfaces including: concrete, brick, pavers, grout & masonry, limestone, sandstone, riverstone, exposed aggregate, stucco, shingles, eifs, glass, synthetic stone, unpolished marble and more.
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SDS - F9 Groundskeeper
This is used on concrete to make it "POP" with brightness. It removes tire marks, soil and grime. This chemical allows the concrete surface to stay cleaner longer.
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F9 Products

Forms We Use :

Storm Window Cleaning Waiver
This form is to wave liability in the process of cleaning storm windows. Depending on the age and condition, storm windows are known to have issues. Some are warped, bent, coming out of their frames, seals damaged, guides broken among other problems. Sometimes we don't initially see these issues as we are removing them. We do take pictures of any damage we see and let you know for future repairs. So there is some risk involved depending on the condition and age of your storms. Most of the time we have no problem with them but on occasion we do have issues. We can let you know more at the time of your quote.
Storm Window Cleaning Waiver.pdf
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Glass Waiver To Builder, Company Owner or Homeowner
This form is to wave any liability in the process of cleaning tempered glass, windows or storm windows. This form has to be signed in some instances, if there is already damage to the windows before we touch them, then we have this signed, as we don't want to be held liable for any damage that was already present. Sometimes you wont notice the damage till after the cleaning, so we check before we start, If we do notice considerable damage already, then we show you before we start. If there is any paint, concrete or other debris on the window that we have to use a specialized scraper to remove, then we have this signed too. Most of the time we don't use a scraper on the windows, we use a white 3M non-aggressive pad and #0000 steel wool to remove organic debris off the glass. Storm windows are notorious with having "issues", outside of us dropping a window, we can't be responsible for older windows that are fragile in a lot of cases. We will inspect when we do your quote.
Glass Waiver.pdf
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