Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Window Cleaning

1. Are you Licensed, Insured and Bonded?

Yes. We are insured for your protection. We carry $2,000,000.00 in General Liability Insurance including (VDTP) Voluntary Damage To Property rider, $5,000.00 in a Work Service Bond along with $1,000,000.00 in Commercial Vehicle Insurance on our work truck. We can provide you copies of those policies upon your request. We are also legally licensed, per the local laws in all jurisdictions we work in.


2. Do you protect our floors or wear shoe-covers when inside my house?

Yes. We have shoe-covers that we put on when entering your home, whether you have hard floors or carpeted areas, we use these to prevent any soiling or damage to your property.


3. I have UV ray film on my windows. How will you clean it?

We can only clean tint with soap and squeegees, nothing abrasive should ever be used on it no matter how dirty it is. While we're pretty good at spotting UV film, we really appreciate being notified of its existence before beginning a job, just in case we miss it.


4. Do you use razor blades?

We use specialized window cleaning razor blades sparingly and not on tempered glass, which often has microscopic fabricating debris on the glass. These tiny bits of glass debris come from the rollers used in the manufacturing process and are easily nicked off by razors, leaving scratch marks behind that are especially visible in the sunlight. Modern tempered glass is usually marked as such in the corner of the glass and this type of glass is placed where glass could easily be broken. It can be found in and near doors, over bathtubs, in showers, on staircases, in skylights, on any pane near to the ground, among other places. We use most often  a non-aggressive White 3M pad or #0000 steel wool.


5. I have stickers. Can you remove them?

Yes. We will remove a few stickers or adhesive free of charge, but we will need to add an additional charge for more than that.


6. Won't steel wool scratch my glass?

Steel wool (#0000) or fine brass wool is used by most premier residential window cleaning companies to remove all those bits of organic material missed by every other scrubbing device used. Steel wool (#0000) is softer than glass and cannot scratch it. It also has the huge advantage over razor blades in that it rolls over any microscopic fabricating debris that might have been "cooked" into the glass during manufacturing. We use fresh steel wool (#0000) on every job we do, when this is needed.


7. How often should I have my windows cleaned?

We recommend having them cleaned no less than once a year, this will help eliminate the minerals that can accumulate over the past year, among dirt, insects and other organic material on your window. We do have some customers that have us come more often though. You can have the interior cleaned once a year and the exterior twice a year to save on cost.


8. Do you do new construction window cleaning?

We can depending on the condition of the windows. We would need to come out and assess your windows to get an idea if we can proceed on an estimate.


9. Do you move objects away from the windows before cleaning them?

Majority of the time we ask the homeowner to make sure we have access to the windows prior to coming by moving any objects away from the window itself so we can effectively and safely clean the window. If there is an object that you can't move, we will either try to help move it or we might have to skip the inside cleaning of that window all together. 


10. Why are my windows foggy?

Fog is a common problem in double-paned thermal windows. When they are made, the gas between the panes are sealed in. If the seal breaks, the gas leaks out and moisture leaks in causing fogging in the window. Unfortunately, the best remedy for this problem is to replace the window. However, before you go throwing good money away, first check with the installing contractor or manufacturer to see what warranties exist on your windows. Many of the high-end brands come with decent warranties. * See the Blog Spot page of this website for more info.


11. Do you service my area?

We service the following counties: Fayette, Bourbon, Scott, Jessamine, Madison, Woodford, Anderson, Clark and Franklin counties. If you don't see a county here you live in, still give us a call, we might be able to do get to you.


12. What does it cost to clean my windows?

That can vary depending on the type of windows your house has. The least expensive is a one story house with double-paned windows and the more expensive windows to clean are your storm windows. Of course other factors such as the elevation, access to the windows and how dirty they are, all play a part in pricing. The best way of getting the cost to clean your windows is, to give us a call for a no cost estimate at your convenience. *See our price guide on our Home page


13. What type of tools do you use to clean my windows?

We use professional specialized window cleaning equipment and chemicals. No Windex and paper towels used here, lol. * See our Professional Equipment Used page on this website for more info on our equipment we use.


14. What can I expect when you arrive to clean my windows?

You will see just me and my wife, not employees. My wife does the interior and I do the exterior, I do at times do interior windows if they are to high for her to reach. We also wipe or vacuum out the window sill depending on the need. We will have shoe coverings when we enter your house and we ask if there is anything in particular we need to know before starting. All ladders we use have bumper guards on them so as not to damage your property. You're more than welcome to ask questions throughout the process, we like to keep our customers informed as much as possible, some even follow us around as we clean and just talk, that's just fine too.


15. Do you clean storm windows?

No we don't, we no longer service storm windows, sorry.


16. Do you clean skylights and garage door windows?

Yes and Yes. On most one and two story houses that's not a problem, we don't do skylights though on three-story houses and above. When we come out to do the estimate, please make us aware that you want your skylights and garage door windows cleaned also, otherwise it won't be quoted in the bid. Some customers don't have these two items serviced, it's all up to you.


17. Do you clean lights or chandlers?

No, we no longer clean chandlers or lights.


18. Do you clean mirrors?

Yes, there hasn't been one we haven't been able to clean so far. Lets keep the streak going! No pun intended.


19. How long will it take to clean my windows?

That can vary on how many windows you have. If you have 20 double-paned windows on one level, then it could take 2 hours or so, but if you have second story windows or storm windows, of course it will take longer. We have never had a job where we needed to stay all day, most jobs take between 2-5 hours to complete for the both of us. Although our goal is to provide the least amount of inconvenience to you and your family, the job is never rushed, we want you to be satisfied before we leave. 


20. What if on my scheduled day to have my windows cleaned, it might rain or storm?

On days when the weather is in question, we will contact the customer before hand. We closely monitor the current weather conditions. Even if it rains after our visit, your windows will be still clean after they dry. Rain water don't make your windows streak or spotted, it's dirt and grime that builds up over time that cause them to get dirty. The only time we cancel is if the customer doesn't want us to come at that time or the weather conditions present a potential safety hazard to us. 


21. What do you use chemically to clean my windows?

We use a product called Glass Gleam 4 to clean your windows. We love this product, as it isn't a detergent like some window cleaners use, like Joy or Dawn. These detergents leave a film on your windows and does attract dust and dirt, that stick to the detergent left after cleaning. Think about it, when you wash  dishes by hand you rinse the dishes at the end to remove the soap, right. Same would be true with your glass window, unless you rinse your window with water you are leaving detergent behind. It is also environmentally safe, it will not hurt your plants and is safe for pets. in fact Glass Gleam 4  prolongs the cleanliness of your window! 


At times, if we need to remove hard water or stains off your glass, we use a product that is called A-1 Hard Water Stain Remover. This chemical is a lot safer than most hard water removers, you don't need to wear any safety equipment with this product. It is a non-acid remover, so it's safe for exterior brick, stone or siding of different sorts. This is the one of the best ways to remove those stubborn stains from your glass. There is an additional fee for this service, as it takes more time and many more steps then standard window cleaning. We will inform you if this is needed on any of your windows and you can let us know if you would like us to proceed in restoring the window or windows. * See our Chemicals/Forms page of this website for more info on the products we use.


22. Are you able to clean my window screens too? How much does this cost?

Yes. For a small additional charge, we can care for that. We use two methods to accomplish this, ether way of doing this, is up to you the homeowner. We can either dry brush them with a brush made to remove dust, dirt or spider webs from window screens (most cost effective). This doesn't get everything, but a lot of times this is all that is needed. Or we use this specialized screen washer that removes all debris from your screen. How we do this is we put a little soap on the screen and let the four brushes and water do the rest. We run it through this washer several times to assure they are clean, then let the air dry, wipe if need be. You may have some screens we would not be able to use this equipment on, as some screens dry rot or are not in good shape, so we wouldn't want to damage them anymore then they are. I would say though that most screens are in pretty good shape overall. Prices vary on the size of screen and location it is in, usually the cost is between $4.00 - $8.00, depending on whether you brush or wash them. * See our Professional Equipment Used page of this website for more info on equipment we use for screen cleaning.


23. Do you just clean windows and screens?

No. We also offer professional pressure/soft washing and gutter clean-out services.


24. What type of payments do you accept?

We accept: Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.


25. Can you put my house or business on a regular window cleaning schedule?

Yes. Call once to schedule your home/business for a quarterly, semiannual or yearly visit. We will call you to confirm the appointment when your scheduled date approaches.


26. Do you do screen repair?

No we don't, we no longer provide that service, sorry.


27. Do you offer janitorial services?

No we don't. We do provide professional residential and commercial pressure washing/soft washing, window cleaning and gutter clean-out.


28. How many workers will be at my house to clean my windows?

Just two, me and my wonderful wife!!!


29. Can you furnish references? 

Yes, we sure can. We might have a reference right in your neighborhood, just ask and we will provide you with a list of references or you can read them on Google, Nextdoor, Facebook and Yellowpages. Or you can read some right here on on website. *Customer Reviews page


30. I have pets, do I have to crate them or put them away while your in the house?

No, If your pets are friendly, we're fine with them. We know that some pets are escape artists and we at times go in and out of the house but we do try to be careful that they don't get out, not fun rounding them up. Please rest assure, any instructions you give us about your pets, we will follow and we will treat your pets like they were our own.


31. Do you all clean window blinds too?

No, we don't. That takes specialized blind cleaning equipment to do them right and we don't have that equipment. There's not too many companies that clean blinds anymore, a lot of time the cleaning voids the manufacturers warranty on the blinds.


32. What is a French-pane window? How do I know I have them?

French-pane windows typically have solid wood or plastic dividers that physically divide a window into more than two panes. There are also what they call "faux French" or internal dividers in windows, which give the window a similar appearance as a traditional "French-pane" window. However the dividers are placed inside of the double paned window, not on the outside of the glass. If your not sure what type you have, go to one of your windows and run your finger down the window, if you can feel the divider, then you have traditional French-pane windows, not "faux French" windows. This is important because the traditional French window cost more to clean then the faux, because the broken up panes of the traditional have to be done each individually. The detailing of these windows are very time consuming too verse most any other type of window out there.

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Pressure & Soft Washing

1. Does pressure washing my home and exterior surfaces really increase its value? 

Absolutely! A pressure washed home can add up to $15,000 to the sale price, according to the National Association of Realtors. 


2. Do I need to be home for you to perform services?

Having Simply Clean beautify your property is the easiest thing you’ll do all day. As long as we have access to a working water spigot and your doors and windows are shut (we don’t want to wash your furniture), we’ll be in and out without any interruption to your day.


3. What’s your guarantee?

We guarantee to deliver the best results possible for your property using our safe and effective processes, or you don't pay.


4. What are your rates for the different services you perform?

From our office in Lexington, we’ll use the latest technology to get a perfectly accurate measurement of your home and services will be priced accordingly. If need be, we can come out to your property and give you a free estimate of the services you want us to perform. You can check out our pricing guide on our Home page of this website too.


5. How long will it take to perform power washing services?

Each job is unique, and we take as long as is necessary to clean each affected surface until it’s perfectly clean.


6. How often should I have my home, concrete, and other surfaces pressure washed?

Every home will benefit from a yearly cleaning of all surfaces, helping maintain their value over time. Did you know a regularly pressure washed home adds value during resale?


7. Can pressure washing cause damage to paint on trim or siding?

Yes it can. This is why it is crucial to call a Professional with experience to do the job. Because of our techniques in low pressure cleaning (soft wash method) and Biodegradable Detergents, there will be no damage to your property.


8. What is the dark staining on my siding?

In most instances, it is mold or mildew. The things that trigger mold or mildew to grow are moisture, humidity and a food source.


9. Isn't mold a health problem?

Yes, mold and mildew on and around your home create unhealthy conditions for those with asthma and allergies. Through our safe methods in pressure washing, we can easily remove mold from any material siding and any size concrete/brick surfaces.


10. Are the chemicals you use safe?

The chemicals we use are biodegradable, eco-friendly and safe when used as directed. We use as little as chemicals as possible, that is determined how dirty or the build-up of organic matter on the surface we are cleaning. That's why we also use warm to hot water, this enables us to sometimes not use any chemical to clean your surface, just good old water.


11. Is Simply Clean a franchise?

No, we are not. We are a local Husband/Wife company!


12. How are you different from other companies?

We focus on delivering the highest standards with a strong emphasis on providing you great customer service, an overall wonderful pressure washing experience. We return all our calls very quickly and take the time to explain the process to you the client. We want you to know exactly what were doing to your property.


13. Do you use subcontractors?

Never! You will see just me and my wonderful wife!


14. My deck and fence are gray, can it be cleaned?

Yes it can be cleaned. Wood can turn gray when it's weathered. It can be brought back to its natural beauty with our low pressure washing process.


15. Should I clean my driveway and sidewalks?

Yes you should, if it warrants too. The algae and mildew can make these surfaces slippery and hazardous. You can also track these elements in your home, creating an unhealthy environment.


16. Will your cleaning solutions hurt my plants?

No, but it can without precautions. We have never harmed a plant with our house wash solution, however, as an extra protection: we wet down all plants, bushes and shrubs close to the house before we apply our cleaning solution. Then we gently rinse them off after were finished with the job. That ensures your plant life's safety.


17. Do you offer pressure washing packages? Like driveway, sidewalks and house wash all together?

Yes we do. The more you have done the greater the discount. We do this because we are already there and need to set-up our equipment anyways. So it saves us time and saves you $$$$.


18. What are the small dark spots on my siding?

Most likely they are Artillery Fungus spores if the area near or above is mulch. The fungus lives in the rotting wood mulch and shoots its spores in the air (hence the name shotgun fungus) and these spores land on your siding. We do not remove these, they can lighten a bit but will not come off in our washing of your house.


19. What is the chalky stuff on my siding and can it be removed?

That is oxidation from the sun, basically leaving a degraded layer of paint on the siding. It can be removed but can be costly and it will in time return. It's best to use a low pressure cleaning as not to disturb the oxidation.


20. Can you pressure wash in the rain?

Yes. Your surfaces are going to get wet when we wash it, so there it little difference to rain. We will reschedule if there is danger involved, such as lightening or heavy rain.


21. I have rust stains on my patio, can you remove this?

Yes we can! For a fee we can remove these unsightly rust stains. Just let us know at the time of your estimate so we can add this to your work order and estimate.


22. Can you remove efflorescence from my brick?

Yes we can do thatwe can remove many mineral based staining on your brick, concrete or pavers.


23. I accidentally got battery acid on my driveway, can this be cleaned or removed?

It can be cleaned and majority, if not all the stain will disappear! We are an Authorized F9 Applicator here in Central Kentucky. We have the equipment and training to remove many, many types of stains off your various surfaces. * See our Rust & Stain Removal page for more details. 


24. Do you clean out gutters?

Yes we do, as long as it is a one-story or two-story house, we can service the gutters. We do not and can not service three-story and above gutters.


25. How do you clean out my gutters?

We first remove any debris in the gutters themselves, then we flush the gutters with water to make sure the water is flowing well in your gutter system. We usually take before and after pictures so you can see your gutters are cleaned out, that simple.

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