Professional Equipment Used In Our Services

Pressure washing trailer in Lexington, Kentucky.

Simply Clean uses a Honda Hot/Cold 8 GPM - 3500 PSI pressure washing system. We have the ability to use cold, warm (100 degrees) to hot (250 degrees) water if need be, to remove stubborn stains or grease. We can also perform a "soft wash" too, depending on the surface we are cleaning, as some surfaces are more delicate than others. We can also adjust water pressure from 100 PSI to 3500 PSI. We have a dual electric low pressure roof washing system on the rig for cleaning roofs or certain applications if need be. Everything is self contained, all we need is a water source if we are pressure washing for an extended period of time. We also use top notch chemicals designed for the use in professional pressure washing, these chemicals are SAFE and EFFECTIVE when used as directed by the manufacturer.

whisper wash classic simply clean pressure washing & window cleaning in Lexington, Kentucky.

Simply Clean uses the Whisper 19" Wash Classic surface cleaner. This piece of equipment is the leading flat surface cleaner of the pressure washing industry. Displaying Whisper Wash's original dedication to quality, the Classic provides high quality components integrated with superior engineering design to provide you cleaner flat surfaces more efficiently. We use this on sidewalks, brick patios, parking spaces, driveways and many other flat surface applications. Simply Clean uses professional equipment to get professional results!

IPC Ro/di WFP system.

We use the IPC Eagle Water Fed Pole system when we're able to, depending on the condition of the windows. This is a four-stage RO/DI system that regular tap water goes through to be cleaned up and turned into pure spot-free water. It removes all the impurities from the water, like sediment, chlorine  and minerals. We use a water fed brush to wash the exterior windows and frames with this system, then rinse it off with the pure water and it dries streak free. It really is a state of the art piece of equipment, we love it. I wouldn't use it necessarily in every situation, because a lot of the time, you will need to be "up on the glass" to remove the build-up of organic matter or hard water on your window. In cases like that, we would need to do the exterior windows by hand only, to assure all debris is off the windows, so the windows are crystal clear. When we come out for your estimate, we will see then what application would be best for your windows. Either way we do it, we guarantee streak-free windows regardless!

Window cleaning equipment.

We use professional Ettore window cleaning products, they are a leader in the window cleaning equipment industry. Ettore have been in business since 1936, so they are doing something right! We enjoy their product line and the professional results we get from them, we have been using Ettore for over 25 years. All the equipment we use, is made specifically for the window cleaning industry, right down to the soap or chemicals we use. 


We use a product called Glass Gleam 4 to clean your windows. We love this product, as it isn't a detergent like some window cleaners use, like Joy or Dawn. These detergents leave a film on your windows that will attract dust and dirt that will in turn stick to this  detergent left behind after cleaning. Think about it, when you wash your glass dishes by hand you rinse the dishes at the end to remove the soap, right. Same would be true with your "glass windows", unless you rinse your window with water you are leaving detergent behind. Glass Gleam 4 does not do that, in fact it prolongs the cleanliness of your windows! A win-win for all.


Window easel to clean storm windows in Lexington, Kentucky.

When we clean your storm windows, we use this specialized professional window easel. This enables us to put the storm window upright on the easel to really see the glass we are cleaning, this only assures us a cleaner window for you, the customer. It also catches any of the cleaning solution as it runs down during the cleaning process. We want to ensure that your home stays clean and not damaged by any drips or water stains of any kind. To us, this is the best way to handle those challenging storm windows, after putting in the hard work of getting them in and out, we want to make sure they look great when we're finished, this easel helps us to do just that.

Ladders to do window cleaning.

We use 24', 16', 8', 4', 2' ladders for cleaning your windows at times. There are not to many windows we can't get to. All our ladders have bumper guards to protect your walls or property, the bottom legs too have protection on them so as not to damage your flooring. Some of our ladders come with leg levelers so we can be safe on your property when we are working on unleveled surfaces. We check all ladders before we use them for safety reasons, better to be safe than sorry. Safety is very important to us!

Window screen washer or washing in Lexington, Kentucky.

To clean your screens, we use two methods to accomplish this. Either way of doing this, is up to you the homeowner. We can either dry brush them with a brush made to remove dust, dirt or spider webs from window screens.This doesn't get everything off but a lot of times is all that is needed. Or we use this Aztec Innovations Professional Screen Washer that removes all debris from your screen. How we do this is, we put a little soap on the screen and let the four brushes and water do the rest. We run it through this washer several times to assure they are clean, then let the air dry or wipe if need be. You may have some screens we would not be able to use this equipment on, as some screens dry rot or are not in good shape, so we wouldn't want to damage the screens anymore then they are. I would say though, that most screens are in pretty good shape overall.


We also use a commercial canister vacuum to clean out you window tracks and sills if need be. After we clean the window, we wipe out the sill to make sure it is clean and dry.

Screen repair, re-screening in Lexington, Kentucky.

We do offer basic screen repair, most of the time all that is needed is rescreening. Over time the screen dry rots and becomes brittle, eventually holes or tears develop. We will remove the old screen and spline, replace it with new screen and spline, clean the frame and presto, it looks new again. We will let you know if you have any damaged screens, you can decide whether you want them repaired or not, just let us know. We use Adfors Saint-Gobain Screening products, they have been a global leader for over 50 years in screening textiles. They always offer the most adapted solutions to meet your screening needs. We have all the specialized and appropriate tools to care for your screen repairs on the job, the day we clean your windows.

Simply clean pressure washing & window cleaning company truck.

This is our company work truck we use to transport all the equipment that is needed to give you professional results when we come to pressure wash or clean your windows. We carry $500,000 in Commercial Vehicle Insurance on our truck for not only our protection but yours too!

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