Pictures Of Some Of Our Window Cleaning Work

Residential & Commercial Professional Window Cleaning Pricing

We price residential & commercial projects on a per-window basis. Oversized windows and windows on the second story of your home or business could possibly be more expensive to clean than moderately sized first floor windows. Depending upon which services you would like us to perform, our per-window price will include both exterior and interior cleaning of the window, also the cleaning of the window sill/ledge (vacuuming the track if necessary). If you have storm windows, it would include: removing the storm windows, cleaning both sides of the storms with our cleaning solutions and the stationary windows too, installing the storms back and then wiping or vacuuming the window sills out. We charge an additional fee for cleaning window screens if you choose to do that, we offer two methods: we can dry brush the screen or we can wash the screen with our specialized screen washer. These prices below are a ballpark price for you to go on, it's best though for us to come out and see exactly what your true cost will be. Of course there may be "other types" of windows to be cleaned that might not be on this list, but rest assure, we clean all types of windows and glass, of all shapes and sizes.


Double/Single Hung Windows - Top & Bottom, Inside & Out - $12.00 - $15.00 depending on the type of window.

Storm Windows - Top & Bottom, including the storms, Inside & out - Starting at $40.00 and up, depending on the size, condition and type of storm window, not to mention the location it is in.

Doors - Inside & Out - Starting at $8.00 and up, depending on the type of door, as French-Pane doors can cost more because the glass is divided.

French-Pane Windows - Inside & Out - $2.00 per pane and up, depending on the size of pane.

Picture/Bay/Geometric Windows - Inside & Out - $15.00 - $35.00, depending on size and location.

Casement Windows - Inside & Out - $10.00 - $12.00 depending on the size and location of the window.

Transom Windows - Inside & Out - Starting at $5.00 and up, depending on the size and location.

Solar Panels - Clean off debris and wash the solar panel - Starting at $20.00 and up, depending on size, access and location of the panels.

Skylights - Inside & Out - Starting at $30.00 and up, depending on the size and location of the skylight.

Mirrors - Starting at $8.00 and up, depending on size and type of mirror.

Screen Cleaning - Dry Brush or Wash with Screen Washer - $5.00 - $8.00, depending on the size of screen, some have their door screens cleaned too. * See Equipment section of this website for more details.

Window Sill/Track Cleaning - $0.00 - No charge, comes with standard window cleaning.

Window/Glass Restoration - Removal of stains or hard water from the window - Starting at $20.00 and up.

Ceiling Fans Cleaned - Starting at $25.00 per fan, depending on the location and size.

High Dusting (Cobwebs) - Prices can fluctuate, we can quote this when we come to clean your windows.

Tint Removal - *We would need to come out and give you an estimate.

Store Front Windows - Starting at $2.50 and goes up depending on size and location of the windows, this is for cleaning inside & out.

Store Front Doors - Starting at $2.00 for cleaning inside & out.

Gutter Stick - (prevents clogged downspouts) Starting at $45.00 with a gutter clean out service.

Exterior Cleaning Only Windows - Starting at $10.00 per window, depending on the size and location.


* Additional fee if there are grids or mullions that need to be removed and put back. - (1.00 per grate)

* We do have a $199.00 minimum on all our window cleaning services here locally in Lexington. The cost outside of Lexington would be more depending on the where you live and the distance to travel. 

Professional Window - Screen - Gutter Cleaning Video's

I'm doing some ladder work on this house. To be safe, we always check our ladders on the day we use them. We use ladder stand-off's or stabilizers to keep the ladder secure to the structure and we use leg levelers to keep the ladders stable on uneven surfaces. Sometimes you just have to use the ladder to get to the windows, not all windows are double hung, where you can clean them all from the inside by tilting them in. Also too, we might need to be "up on the glass" to remove stubborn debris on your window, you can't always do that with tilting them in or using a RO/DI water fed pole system.

I'm showing how clean you can get a window with a Four-Stage RO/DI Water Fed Pole System. You not only clean the glass but you are able to clean the whole window frame, something that is normally not done when you are using standard window cleaning methods. I scrub the whole window down and then rinse with pure water for a streak-free shine. *In this video I'm finishing up on the window section, the frame has been cleaned already. This equipment really does a great job on windows! This system cannot be used in every situation, but it's another tool that can be used if it applies and will insure quality results.

A Four-Stage RO/DI Water Fed Pole System is a great way to get to higher or potentially dangerous windows that you would normally need a ladder for. This is a much safer way to get them cleaned, although it can't be done in all situations. Professional window cleaners have been cleaning windows like this in Europe for years, in fact that is the standard there, most window cleaners there have a WFPS like the one I'm using in this video. Just catching on here stateside in the past 10 years. *In this video I'm finishing up on this two story window, because these windows were really dirty, we had to scrub the windows first with a window wand and cleaner (you see that off to the right of me), then scrubbed it a second time with the WFPS and rinsed. 

Storm window cleaning are some of the hardest windows to clean. They take a lot more time then your "standard" windows to clean. Usually you have two pieces of glass to clean (storm windows) and then you have the stationary windows the storms came out of to clean, all glass cleaned inside and out. *In this video I'm cleaning one side of the glass. I have to scrub with the cleaner, scrape all organic matter off, scrub with a white pad and then squeegee off the cleaner. Done!

Rebecca is cleaning a standard double-paned window. She applies the cleaning solution with a window wand, then scrubs window with a white 3M pad to remove any organic matter on the window, rescrubs the window with her wand, squeegees of the solution and then finally details the edges of the window to ensure that the window is completely cleaned.

This is one method we use to clean your window screens if you choose to have them cleaned. We spray a little cleaner on the screen, place it between the (4) brushes and water of this machine and scrub the screen till clean, then rinse it with the water, tap the screen dry and finally wipe the frames of the screen dry. That simple, all done!!


 *We can also do a dry brush cleaning that can remove most spider web, light dust that has accumulated over the years and any other light soiling of the screen. A lot of times this is all that is needed, its up to you though.

We do screen repair, if you have any tears, holes or tethering on your windows screens, we can fix them. We will remove the old screen and spline, replace it with new screen and spline, inspect and clean the frame, then finally reinstall. Most fiberglass screens last about 10-14 years depending, after that they become dry rotted and are prone to tears and holes. 

Doing skylights can be a challenge, depending on the pitch of the roof and location. This one I did using a ladder and a extension pole. There was another skylight I did on the opposite side of the roof and I was able to access this from the roof itself and get up on the skylight to clean it, although those shingles were hot!

We are a Certified Gutter Stick Dealer here in Central Kentucky. This device is awesome, after having your gutters cleaned out, we can install these gutter sticks to prevent any clogging of your downspouts. This allows water to flow out your gutters and away from your house even with debris in your gutters, preventing any backup of water in your gutters themselves. This may allow for longer periods in between your gutter clean outs too! Well worth the price and protection it provides for your most valuable asset, your home.

                                This is an actual home where we installed Gutter Sticks, these work great!

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