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Spring Window Cleaning
06. May 2024
Time to clean your windows!!!

21. November 2023
A lot of people don’t have their windows cleaned in the winter mostly because of the cold weather or they would rather have it done in the spring. But having them cleaned in the winter has it’s advantages, first most window cleaners are not that busy so you don’t have to wait a long time to get it scheduled. Also, they will stay cleaner longer because there is not as much dust and pollen in the air. But sometimes its just too cold to get them cleaned!
Natural Light
29. November 2022
Why natural light is good for you. 1. Decreased energy cost - More light in the less lights to turn on. 2. Better Mood - There’s a strong correlation between spending more time in natural light and improving your mood. It combats depression, increase productivity, promote calmness and reduce anxiety. 3. Improved Health - Your body needs sunlight to produce vitamin D, which boost your immune system and keeps your brain functioning at its best. Get your windows cleaned and let the light shine!!!

13. August 2021
So why does this happen? Most windows older than 15 years are at a higher risk of fogging due to their age. I've also seen windows less than 2 years old which had fogging, there are several reasons why, here are some of those: 1. Poor installation the seals were damaged in the process of installing the window 2. Low quality windows 3. Manufacturing error, coming bad from the maker of the window. 4. A small crack in the window itself.
11. August 2019
Keeping your business clean adds to your business image. Windows is what most customers see right off the bat, among other things. Having your windows cleaned on a regular bases helps you to draw customers in!

22. January 2019
You can damage a window due to not using a professional window cleaner. This can happen by not knowing the type of glass your cleaning, using the wrong equipment or technics in cleaning the glass. Don't let this happen to you, call a professional to care for your window cleaning needs.
06. October 2018
I usually get this question a lot, but the truth is there is no right answer. It really depends on two things. First, the house, how often do the windows get dirty? If the owner has pets or small children, if the windows are in an area that gets hit by a lot of wind and rain then they probably get dirty quite often. Second, the home owner. Some people can’t stand dirty windows, not even a little. I would say at least once a year you should have your windows cleaned. It's all up to you though!